When my mind turns to electoral populism & without a close look on my part I automatically say to myself “the no-thinkers”. I am showing myself as having been a no-think person though not yet a populist as I understand that group. Time to take a look.

Wikipedia defines populism “Populism in Canada involves the phenomenon of populist political ideology in Canada. Populism has been a particularly strong phenomenon in Western Canada and in Quebec as promoted by the provincial Social Credit parties in the West and in Quebec and by the Social Credit Party of Canada and by the Reform Party of Canada.”

As an aid & not other than partly agreeing I use the CCAP as my background thinking.

CCAP Link (press)

Nothing in democratic electoral politics is straight forward & populism is a good example where the driving force is to become an elected majority but the well being of a democracy, as there is a move into the future, may depend on different policies because of the drive to become an elected majority next time around. Politicians needs have the skill to speak out of both sides of their mouth to promote successful policies but differing from those that got them elected without upsetting their base. Complex? Yes.

Populism when this was written at the start of year 2020 is. well, popular in different democracies around the globe. In this age of rapid & thorough communication people are looking & so there is a multiplier effect. So glad that I am not a politician living in a world of duplicity.