Every time I look at news items I read “a must comment” on some only to find that either commenting was closed or the news source deemed the item worthy but not for a reader to voice opinion. So I decided for self & reader to vent I would provide “Blogme” to write & readers to comment. Here it is. ………….

Trudeau says evidence indicates Iranian missile brought down Ukrainian flight. This though is not where the item started. Perhaps there were intelligence reports that provided information of planned future humanity violations on the part of Iranians but first public news was of US missile charged drone attacks on Iranian destinations. Iranians may have made a mistake in the retaliation by destruction of a Ukrainian passenger plane but it happened. My opinion is that human rights end up being violated brutally whenever mankind leaders tiff & lose cool.

Indigenous grandfather and 12-year-old handcuffed in front of Vancouver bank after trying to open an account. Our GG promotes “Togetherness” in Canada & as part of that we have Indigenous & Settler. Additionally we hear, Spearheaded by Amnesty International, of Canadian human rights violations at Grassy Narrows (Ont.) & Site C damsite (BC). My opinion is that despite the GG & PM giving hurry-up calls we are dragging feet in matters that could best be cared for in friendly pow wows FOLLOWED by writeups in strict legal language.

A ‘big surprise’ and a lot of questions: Why Harry and Meghan’s new life is anything but clear. Duke and Duchess of Sussex to ‘step back’ from roles as senior members of Royal Family. For many years Harry has been the Royal presented as a person with unruly spontaneous acts. Presently repeated on this occasion in my opinion. In effect on the life of this commoner NONE. All could have been avoided by not “putting the cart before the horse”.

Canada added 35,000 jobs in December, capping strong 2019 for employment. Each time I look at news these days there is an article moaning & groaning about lost jobs, mainly on a production line or petroleum connected. Overall though it appears that last year was a winner.