This is an area where we look for a common mental item . An item of the mind common to indigenous, colonists, settlers.

A recent news item was about people of an indigenous nation gathering to pray & thank the water. Such an event (praying to the water) is very uncommon in colonist & settler groups. But why not?

Colonists & settlers do pray in thanks to Gods of their belief.

Hurrah for we have something in common & all are thankful to the entities of our belief. WE HAVE SOMETHING IN COMMON, NOT INCONSEQUENTIAL THINGS, BUT ALL BELIEVE.

In the Cosmos (meaning everything) there are apparently millions of “Suns”. On our Sun we have local thinkers, originators of many beliefs that result in humans praying in thanks.

We all do pray in thanks. We all have something Together. In Canada, a fair country, we have a base on which to build toward the TOGETHERNESS of Canadian nations.

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