Bed Cover

An endless variety of goods can be purchased On-Line & i have found delivery to be as promised & usually pretty quick.

For residents in care lodges like myself there is always someone at the lodge to take delivery.

PikStik Aah

On-Line shopping is very easy & the On-Line stores accept credit card information by computer.

All semi-capable lodge residents should have one as they are a joy to own. Mine is in regular daily use. with a squeeze of the handle it grips sheets of tissue that wafted onto the floor & deposits them neatly into my waste basket. Or puts books on the shelf & so on.

I bought mine at Amazon & here is a link to PikStik (press).

Very useful for adjusting the curtains, I would truly miss not having one. I too mentioned Amazon & although the lodge supplies dentifrice i prefer my own brand & buy from Amazon which is very fast.


Food for the living. All life forms have the most amazing means of adsorbing sustenance, taking in good & rejecting bad. We progress. Extinction of life bah.

A few reject the statement of global warming but, other things equal, a little more warmth will surely increase cultured food, more food both to eat at home & export to other parts of earth planet. Canada would shine on.

Other things are not equal though & on the contrary are complex. Earthly effect is not limited to Canada as Canada is part of Earth planet. A largish part but still a part. Not to worry as linked (press) contains a section (regularly updated) on the physical condition of earth & forecasts will then be made here.


Planet Earth is running low on many easy to reach natural resources & Canada, though well blessed, is running out of some too.

We do not yet know of the balance of effects should things like global warming & population be factors but initially we are positive on all culture except aquatic culture that past experience shows to be negatively affected with warmer sea water.

To prosper as in past years Canada is increasing both in skill & quantity the education of younger people & research which should increase repeatable trade in that both external & internal.

NB Canadian manufacturing was in a slump even before rail blockades (18-02-2020)