A subject known in part, though mostly not known at all, to us earthen born planet earth humans. So who are we to have the mental ability to make this an important part of a blog? Our answer has to be that we are those inquisitive humans, every human, who remain undaunted that the Cosmos is everything & we occupy just a very small part of Cosmos insides.

We humans who write this blog from living inside the Cosmos know very little but we infer a lot. We derive much from little. We are human. Cosmos is everything.

Canada shines. The subject of this blog & a very very small part of Cosmos.


This is an area where we look for a common mental item . An item of the mind common to indigenous, colonists, settlers.

A recent news item was about people of an indigenous nation gathering to pray & thank the water. Such an event (praying to the water) is very uncommon in colonist & settler groups. But why not?

Colonists & settlers do pray in thanks to Gods of their belief.

Hurrah for we have something in common & all are thankful to the entities of our belief. WE HAVE SOMETHING IN COMMON, NOT INCONSEQUENTIAL THINGS, BUT ALL BELIEVE.

In the Cosmos (meaning everything) there are apparently millions of “Suns”. On our Sun we have local thinkers, originators of many beliefs that result in humans praying in thanks.

We all do pray in thanks. We all have something Together. In Canada, a fair country, we have a base on which to build toward the TOGETHERNESS of Canadian nations.

Indigenous & Settler

We have much to learn from old & new as we Canadians attempt to build a Canada out of Indigenous descendants & settlers. To best understand read the books by two descendants of indigenous nations “As We Have Always Done by Leanne Betasamosake Simpson” “Tsawalk by Umeek (E Richard Atleo)” & two books by settler types “Life 3.0 by Max Tegmark” “Cyber Thoughts by Dimi Zale”.

After reading reflect on the closeness to the universe of Indigenous Nation beliefs & the modern communication evinced by all four. Now we have, & can use, education that allows communication between all with complete understanding.

At last dialogue with full understanding is possible. Discussion on the full meaning of signed agreements & signing of written agreements where none exist. Canada, a Fair Country at work with it’s citizens to achieve friendly togetherness.

Canadian Geograhic Society published a four volume atlas in 2019 entitled “Indigenous Peoples Atlas of Canada”.

Indigenous/Settler – A Fair Country

In North America a colonial country was formed as part of the British Empire. A part that subsequently split into two. A country that is now known as United States of America is to the immediate south of the country Canada. Today Canada still has the British Queen as the Canadian Queen & is a part of the British Commonwealth of Nations but just as Britain takes governance from the British parliament so Canada takes governance from the Canadian parliament.

Before arrival of the colonists in the two present day countries the land was occupied sparsely by many small nations (either separate or multiple) but these indigenous nations were overrun during a period of time by the arriving colonists. There was no consistent result. In some cases there were treaties. The treaties were often of different wording & in some cases there were no treaties at all.

To complicate the nature of the indigenous nations a new race (Now called indigenous) is the Metis nation where members were the fruit of indigenous females & colonial males.

As an added complication & source of dispute there are strict rules that have been created by Canadian past governments on whether a person is indigenous or not. The writer doesn’t know if indigenous nations took part.

Finally, persons labelled indigenous & persons named settler pay differing Canadian taxes & have both differing border rules. Some indigenous nations land extends over local borders & some even have land that traverses Canadian & USA borders.

Indigenous & Canadian governments are not now (sensibly) looking for a quick fix as this present dispute has been the repeated result of re-dispute in the past.

In spite of all these voices from the past & those admitted violations of human rights on the way Canada is now known as a fair country that is now set on a fair path of togetherness.