Indigenous & Settler

We have much to learn from old & new as we Canadians attempt to build a Canada out of Indigenous descendants & settlers. To best understand read the books by two descendants of indigenous nations “As We Have Always Done by Leanne Betasamosake Simpson” “Tsawalk by Umeek (E Richard Atleo)” & two books by settler types “Life 3.0 by Max Tegmark” “Cyber Thoughts by Dimi Zale”.

After reading reflect on the closeness to the universe of Indigenous Nation beliefs & the modern communication evinced by all four. Now we have, & can use, education that allows communication between all with complete understanding.

At last dialogue with full understanding is possible. Discussion on the full meaning of signed agreements & signing of written agreements where none exist. Canada, a Fair Country at work with it’s citizens to achieve friendly togetherness.

Canadian Geograhic Society published a four volume atlas in 2019 entitled “Indigenous Peoples Atlas of Canada”.

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