Viruses (Infectious)

There always, but of varying severity, seem to be some such as influenza. This post was prompted by a nasty one “Covid-19”.

A great deal depends on the prepared thoughtfulness of an individual lodge or chain. At the lodge i am resident of, & let me assure readers that this is generally the case, we are given appropriate advance shots & supplies on-hand are adequate.

This post is about the exception so if you are a resident, a family member or visiting friend don’t be bashful about informing an outside body such a CBC or CTV if you think your case is one of not being prepared.

Armed Forces

What better place to start this series than to read what Government Canada has done & plans so we link to Defense/Offence Canada (press).

Whilst the primary purpose is protection of Canada against disputes with other countries we have to remember that our ability to construct & repair in Canada are both plusses for construction & prosperity.

Canada as a country believes in human rights as defined by the United Nations of our planet Earth.

Canada fosters human rights for all nations of planet earth.

Canada has the reputation of being A Fair Country, an appellation we live.

Canada strives for all it’s Nations a Canadian Togetherness.

Canada Proudly Shines.