Prior to the twenty first century the goods used for the export trading of Canada were very plentiful. Minerals in global demand were easy. Agricultural production was helped by the vastness of good farming land. Lumber & Pulp/Paper were available to export. Not so now.

So far as lumber is concerned, this will continue to be a viable export item but the technical advances of the twentieth century have seen the demise of much of the formerly flourishing pulp & paper industry. On the other hand there is talk of greenhouse gas & global warming that could well be beneficial to Canadian farming & horticulture.

There will remain, though, A GAP. Enter better Canadian education with STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics). Canadian children & those of immigrants have shown Canadians that a properly understood & practiced education backed by early intelligence development programs works. Our various governments have understood this & faced with the shortage of those things that have led to Canada’s previous success are busily paving the road to future growth.

Amidst all of this is the question of population size on earth planet & this is a subject that Canshine is not yet able to include. Wisely left to the future.