Canada is here presented in general terms that are sufficient to understand the country Canada. As a country Canada is divided among larger areas comprising 10 provinces & 3 territories & smaller areas comprising autonomous indigenous reserves each contained within a province/territory. In all of Canada’s divisions there are to be found towns, cities, regions each with a limited power to create local rules & laws.

To understand Canada general rules & laws suffice in the main & exceptions are noted.

Canada in the 21st. century is going through a period of reconciliation between Canadians who are classed indigenous, colonisers, settlers all aimed at an amicable togetherness. Where action taken toward this end affects understanding of Canada such is added as we move forward here.

As a country on earth Canada is often affected by & itself affects other countries. To help site earthpianet. ca as been created. Here is a link to earthplanet.ca (press).