This Canada Shines site (canadashines.ca) is about 21st. century Anno Domini Canada, a country. In addition there is a near future conjecture of a colony which Canada & all the other countries of earth planet create on a distant space planet.

Canada is passing through a period of conciliation between Canadians who are classed indigenous, colonists, settlers all aimed at an amicable togetherness. Where action taken toward this end affects understanding of Canada in the current century such is included as we move forward. The word indigenous Canadians/North Americans is often thought to apply to persons whose ancestors have lived on North American lands for ever. True they were present when offshore settlers arrived but I am told that all humans originated in central Africa & spread out from there.

I include discussion forums for your use. On the record I am a political member of the Liberals but I am also an admirer of Joe Clark, John Tory, Brian Mulroney, Bill Davis (all Conservative).