Indigenous/Settler – A Fair Country

In North America a colonial country was formed as part of the British Empire. A part that subsequently split into two. A country that is now known as United States of America is to the immediate south of the country Canada. Today Canada still has the British Queen as the Canadian Queen & is a part of the British Commonwealth of Nations but just as Britain takes governance from the British parliament so Canada takes governance from the Canadian parliament.

Before arrival of the colonists in the two present day countries the land was occupied sparsely by many small nations (either separate or multiple) but these indigenous nations were overrun during a period of time by the arriving colonists. There was no consistent result. In some cases there were treaties. The treaties were often of different wording & in some cases there were no treaties at all.

To complicate the nature of the indigenous nations a new race (Now called indigenous) is the Metis nation where members were the fruit of indigenous females & colonial males.

As an added complication & source of dispute there are strict rules that have been created by Canadian past governments on whether a person is indigenous or not. The writer doesn’t know if indigenous nations took part.

Finally, persons labelled indigenous & persons named settler pay differing Canadian taxes & have both differing border rules. Some indigenous nations land extends over local borders & some even have land that traverses Canadian & USA borders.

Indigenous & Canadian governments are not now (sensibly) looking for a quick fix as this present dispute has been the repeated result of re-dispute in the past.

In spite of all these voices from the past & those admitted violations of human rights on the way Canada is now known as a fair country that is now set on a fair path of togetherness.

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