Let’s Get Together

Togetherness (Indigenous/settlers) we all want for there is much to learn from each. We are making a series of halting starts but there is so much to be gained now & much more later if we work together & go the whole way.

Treaty versus Strict Law. (Treaties by Commoners. Strict by Lawyers). Oh dear. Let’s be good permanent friends & work it all out in common language then re-writing to legalese (successfully to the surprise of others in this world). Legalese often takes a while & meantime the conflict is still festering. Perhaps we can find a way to act immediately while the strict legalese is created.

On togetherness Canadians (we are all Canadians) are off to a poor start. After centuries that have caused treaty grief the signers never intended,

Perhaps if the terms of any particular relation are first negotiated in friendly meetings using every day language & between all parties then re-written in strict Canadian (we are all citizens) legal terms & agreed once again by all parties we will avoid these ugly sensational happenings which are counter to future good will.

Togetherness we all want,