Peace, Order & Conciliation

Peace & order is the hoped for way of life for the three Canadian groups, each group having much more than one origin but the three groups have just two classes. Should you seek history this website is not a place to find it. Here is the present & near future.

CLASSES Indigenous Settlers

INDIGENOUS The many nations that occupied the whole area now Canada for over a thousand years are called indigenous . These peoples lived mainly by hunting & trapping.

SETTLERS They come from all over on earth. First were those who came by boat mainly from Europe & brought with them not only firearms but also (inadvertently it seems) ravaging diseases to which the indigenous had no tolerance. Still they come.

TREATIES With the odds stacked against them the indigenous folk often succumbed partly. The settlers & indigenous locals often became party to treaties which confined indigenous to defined space in which to live ceding the other land to settlers. This is a very simplified view & in addition each treaty varied with many indigenous groups settling on their own terms.

SKIRMISHES Many skirmishes are recorded later, internal disputes & those between indigenous & settlers.

CONCILIATION Canada has a reputation for fair peace & order but it is only in this 21’st century that we have pursued real conciliation. Here a linked site pursuing this goal (press).