Canada as a country believes in human rights as defined by the United Nations of our planet Earth.

Canada fosters human rights for all nations of planet earth.

Canada has the reputation of being A Fair Country, an appellation we live.

Canada strives for all it’s Nations a Canadian Togetherness.

Canada Proudly Shines.

Canada & Virus Covid-19

Canada Shines indeed for this country is one of those well placed on earth planet to fight this virus. The Canadian government with the full support of all political parties & signs of help from individual Canadians & Canadian companies are acting positively .

This virus is an attack on our world & as such Canada is working as a partner with the United Nations.

Some countries are unable to fight this virus so Canada is acting through the directions of the United Nations to help.

United Nations Covid-19

13 March 2020 (Secretary General)

The upheaval caused by the coronavirus – COVID-19 — is all around us.  And I know many are anxious, worried and confused.  That’s absolutely natural.

We are facing a health threat unlike any other in our lifetimes. 

Meanwhile, the virus is spreading, the danger is growing, and our health systems, economies and day-to-day lives are being severely tested.

The most vulnerable are the most affected—particularly our elderly and those with pre-existing medical conditions, those without access to reliable health care, and those in poverty or living on the edge.

The social and economic fallout from the combination of the pandemic and slowing economies will affect most of us for some months.   

But the spread of the virus will peak.  Our economies will recover. 

Until then, we must act together to slow the spread of the virus and look after each other.

This is a time for prudence, not panic. Science, not stigma.  Facts, not fear. 

Even though the situation has been classified as a pandemic, it is one we can control. We can slow down transmissions, prevent infections and save lives.  But that will take unprecedented personal, national and international action.

COVID-19 is our common enemy.  We must declare war on this virus.  That means countries have a responsibility to gear up, step up and scale up. 

How?  By implementing effective containment strategies; by activating and enhancing emergency response systems; by dramatically increasing testing capacity and care for patients; by readying hospitals, ensuring they have the space, supplies and needed personnel; and by developing life-saving medical interventions.

All of us have a responsibility, too — to follow medical advice and take simple, practical steps recommended by health authorities.  

In addition to being a public health crisis, the virus is infecting the global economy.

Financial markets have been hard hit by the uncertainty.  Global supply chains have been disrupted.  Investment and consumer demand have plunged — with a real and rising risk of a global recession. 

United Nations economists estimate that the virus could cost the global economy at least $1 trillion this year – and perhaps far more.

No country can do it alone. More than ever, governments must cooperate to revitalize economies, expand public investment, boost trade, and ensure targeted support for the people and communities most affected by the disease or more vulnerable to the negative economic impacts – including women who often shoulder a disproportionate burden of care work.

A pandemic drives home the essential interconnectedness of our human family.  Preventing the further spread of COVID-19 is a shared responsibility for us all. 

The United Nations – including the World Health Organization — is fully mobilized.

As part of our human family, we are working 24/7 with governments, providing international guidance, helping the world take on this threat. 

We are in this together – and we will get through this, together.

Virus on Earth Planet

In this universe are billions of stars one of which is named Sun. This is an energy radiating star around which there are several planets one of which is earth planet where there is a multitude of life forms one of these being us ,human.

Humans have progressed through building on basic intellect though we do hear of several life extinctions & a total of five with a rapidly approaching sixth. On each occasion, we are told, life started afresh.

As this time approaches we hear that we may have advanced to the point that a new extinction may be avoided.

On the way though life has escaped several damaging viruses as progress is made. It is as if life is put to a series of tests,


Internet here. Internet there. Now Canadian Internet everywhere

The Canadian government promises to have internet everywhere in Canada.

How? Low flying satellites with the immediate advantage of internet to all remote areas of Canada & this includes indigenous nation areas. Plus the added advantage of internet brought to other areas of planet earth that did not have access. There are several advantages & here we stress just two.

Education of indigenous Canadian nations in their own ways in the homes where they live plus the other advantages of Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics all without needing to go to schools outside the area of their indigenous nation.

The latest methods of the ever progressing medical techniques brought through wireless energy on an ongoing basis to a local hospital.

Covid-19 latest

A link to Covid -19 (press)

A link to CBC latest (press)

This site treats the Covid-19 virus on a stand alone basis. That is entirely separate from all other matters under discussion. There are political & treaty requirements that are doubtless both newsworthy & related but this virus & control are a world wide problem matter best divorced in the opinion of the writer.

Faced with a world that is unprepared, supply wise, the early attack on China, & subsequent production in that country, has produced an answer to the world by the chinese business man name Jack Mar with donations of masks etc. to the USA & many other countries.

Canada itself has been busily following progress of the virus & our government is ordering specific supplies to be available if needed.

A supplies link Covid-19 Canada (press)

Bless all researchers & in this case particularly Canadian researchers who in mid-March 2020 announced analysis of Covid-19 virus:

A virus link Covid-19 virus research (press).

Viruses (Infectious)

There always, but of varying severity, seem to be some such as influenza. This post was prompted by a nasty one “Covid-19”.

A great deal depends on the prepared thoughtfulness of an individual lodge or chain. At the lodge i am resident of, & let me assure readers that this is generally the case, we are given appropriate advance shots & supplies on-hand are adequate.

This post is about the exception so if you are a resident, a family member or visiting friend don’t be bashful about informing an outside body such a CBC or CTV if you think your case is one of not being prepared.

Greenhouse Gasses

A multiple component subject though the underlying principle is very simple. Whenever an energy carrying gas arrives on the surface of planet earth that does not radiate all it’s energy to outer space tat is a greenhouse gas.

Greenhouse gasses have many sources though the one often talked about is the result of man made combustion of fossil fuels & thus avoidable by man.

In this subject I will attempt to highlight what humans have learned though I restate that I am but a layman.


An ever changing picture of the climate in Canada plus conjecture of the near future & since Canada is an integral part of planet earth to understand Canada means also understanding planet earth climate.

Scientists tell us that the outer layer of planet earth consists of generally solid land masses & oceans with a liquid core. This liquid core is molten rock &, for reasons & effects that will be described has an influence on the orientation of earth.

In general & either naturally or artificially earth provides a habitat for humans & other life forms.

Here is a link Planet Earth Physical (press)


Prior to the twenty first century the goods used for the export trading of Canada were very plentiful. Minerals in global demand were easy. Agricultural production was helped by the vastness of good farming land. Lumber & Pulp/Paper were available to export. Not so now.

So far as lumber is concerned, this will continue to be a viable export item but the technical advances of the twentieth century have seen the demise of much of the formerly flourishing pulp & paper industry. On the other hand there is talk of greenhouse gas & global warming that could well be beneficial to Canadian farming & horticulture.

There will remain, though, A GAP. Enter better Canadian education with STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics). Canadian children & those of immigrants have shown Canadians that a properly understood & practiced education backed by early intelligence development programs works. Our various governments have understood this & faced with the shortage of those things that have led to Canada’s previous success are busily paving the road to future growth.

Amidst all of this is the question of population size on earth planet & this is a subject that Canshine is not yet able to include. Wisely left to the future.